Category: Illustration

Valentine’s Cards

Drew some quick Valentine’s Day cards to send out and I thought they came out very cute.

A Skinny Sketchbook

I think it’s really true that it’s important to draw everyday and I usually have a small sketchbook in my purse to draw on the subway. One of my current ones is the Moleskin┬áPocket Watercolor Album, which gives me different dimensions than I am used to and has been forcing me to draw long and…

Sketchbook Backgrounds

I love having a background already in my sketchbook so I’m not faced with a blank page. I like to collect interesting papers to glue in here and there. It also makes the pages thicker so they can handle more ink. I’ve found a lot of great papers and gotten really good at glueing them…


I started drawing some roses for a pattern and my lovely roommate made me some rose tea! The roses were even the same color. It was nice to experience them with all 5 senses.  

Adobe Certification – Not a bad thing to do I think

I just took the Adobe Expert Certification for Adobe Illustrator and it was a good experience, but not quite what I expected. Generally, I have always been an excellent test taker and have never really studied for a test (do remember, I also went to a design specific college). There is a wealth of preparation…

Club Oune

Stefon’s Illustrated Guide to New York’s Hottest Clubs

I participated in this great article on Splitsider illustrating Saturday Night Live character, Stefon’s club recommendations. It was lots of fun. Mine is club Ounce – “Located in the middle of the East River, this place has everything: cholos, puke people, a sheepdog that looks like Bruce Vilanch, and an entire room of puppets doing…