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I started drawing some roses for a pattern and my lovely roommate made me some rose tea! The roses were even the same color. It was nice to experience them with all 5 senses.  

What a Strange and Wonderful Plant!

  Such a good sport! I used to babysit her and now she’s a full grown adult, an awesome friend and a capable art assistant! Life goes by so fast!   Came upon this strange and wonderful plant in the cemetery, wouldn’t it make a spectacular pattern?  

Breezy Village Skirt

I made this skirt a few months ago in anticipation of the breezy summer weather. This is some incredible 60’s or 70’s vintage fabric that I got from Ebay. It’s a border print with a little illustrated village along the bottom. It’s a poly knit, but does not stretch very much at all. This seems…

I’m Dominating the PJ Department